AUTOMECA ClassicAUTOMECA, maintenance, servicing & historical competition car building specialists.

Our activity range is wide as from a personal project, a dream, an idea or an original gift, we can conceive and realize each of our clients desires.
Rental of historical competition cars
  • Renault 11 Turbo Gr A
  • Renault Supercinq GT Turbo (VHC)
  • Porsche 911 SC Gr 3
  • Porsche 911 Gr4

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Renault 11 Turbo Gr A rental
Renault Supercinq GT Turbo rental
Porsche VHC 911 SC Gr 3 rental
Porsche Gr 4 rental


Building and maintenance of historical competition cars
  • Car shipping for the dropping of internal and external elements
  • Dropping of the power-unit for maintenance care
  • Mechanical preparation and gearboxes
  • Performance increase
  • Management assistance (providing of PTH passport) endurance race calendar planning, sport cars transportation logistics (race management from start to finish) on rallys or circuits
  • Inside accessories and external body parts upgrades.
Porsche VHC
Porsche VHC
Porsche VHC
Opel VHC
Opel Classic
Opel Rallye historique
Simca VHC
Simca Classic
Simca rallye
Renault Classic
Renault VHC
Automeca CLassic
Automeca CLassic
Automeca CLassic
Automeca CLassic