AUTOMECA Rally & RacingAUTOMECA is in all motorsport competition categories.

All technical services are made available for you when you wish to call on AUTOMECA: Vans and autonomous 19T trucks, fully equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure that the rally cars are operation accurately.

Rallye service Citroen C2
Rallye services
Rallye services
Preparing rallye tyres


Rental of competition cars
  • New Clio R3T
  • CLIO R3T for Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal
  • Twingo R1
  • Fiesta R2 – Junior French Championship
  • Skoda R5
  • 208 R2

Ask for your rental proposal.

Renault Sport Clio R3T rental
Twingo R1 rental
Clio R3 rental
Peugeot 208 R2 rental
Clio R3T rental
Skoda R5 rallye car rental
Fiesta R2

Gravel, tarmac or snow private testdays organization
Testing sessions.
Chassis and suspension tuning.
Porsche GT2 testdays
Porsche GT2 testing sessions
Porsche GT2 suspension tuning
Porsche GT2 testing session
Porsche GT2 optimization
Renault Megane N4 testingdays
Example of services provided:
  • testing in col de la Chaudière (Drôme) with Porsche GT2
  • springs containers change
  • driver’s driving style adaptation
  • road profile adaptation
  • Manu Guigou’s advices to adapt the rally car to your driving style
  • engine test for RST – Ultimate Evo for Megane N4
  • training on New Technology dampers.
Service: from National championship to World Rally Championship, a team at your disposal.
  • maintenance & building at the workshop
  • complete service structure on events
Rallye services Citroen Sport C2
Rallye service structure
Renault Clio rental and services

Preparing and rebuilding of engines
Porsche Gt2 preparation
Competition car engine rebuilding
Competition car engine preparation

Gearbox servicing

Preparation and maintenance of all types of transmission (5, 6-speed, claw, sequential, etc ...).

Preparing of body-roll
  • All models of body shell realization
  • Pose of roll bar
  • Water resistance and painting service
rallye car body shell
competition car pose of roll bar
competition car body shell

Chassis and suspension systems settings
  • Axles set-ups on electrical test bench
  • Weight on electronic scales and weight per wheel

Building & realization
  • Assembling of R1, R2, R3, R5 kits
  • 307 F2014
  • Twingo R2 EVO
  • 206 F2014 - Assembling and 4 intake throttle value evolution
  • Specific parts realization
Peugeot 307 F2014
building competition cars
assembling r1 kit
Twingo r1 kit
assembling r1 r2 r3 r5 kits
motors optimization

  • Construction of specific secured vehicles (for the army for example)

Construction of specific secured vehicles (for the army for example)

Construction of specific secured vehicles (for the army for example)

Construction of specific secured vehicles (for the army for example)